Black Bean Burgers and steak Fries

It's been a while since we've updated but here it is. The delectable, delicious Black Bean Burgers. Totally veggie-ized for your meatless pleasure.

We first made these several months ago. In that time, I have made these several times over and continue to enjoy them over and over and over. First, we'll start with the fries.

Easy enough, really. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees and then start slicing up your potatoes however you please. Obviously, we like them a bit thicker. Season them with salt and pepper (or whatever your heart desires) and then pop them in. I don't set a timer on them usually. I just cook them until I'm done with the burgers, flipping them about half through my burger-frying process.

On to the burgers!

Chop up one sweet onion and start frying that up with some olive oil in a frying pan. Cook them until they're nice and clear. Then add that to a mixing bowl with a can of black beans, and two torn up slices of bread. Mash them all together until they turn into a paste. You may also want to add some salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes as well to flavor them. Next start adding flour by the handful until the batter becomes a bit more solid so it'll hold together when you're cooking. Fry them up in olive oil for the best taste results.

Once you fry up all the burgers (there should be 5-6 of them), take the fries out of the oven and serve them up with the burger. And viola!

Now, you'll notice in the picture here that the burger is topped with ketchup and lettuce. If you prefer a classic burger, that's the way to go. [The following suggestion is Brian's choice of toppings, which aren't vegan because he's not. Obviously to keep them vegan keep the cheese and honey off!] If you want to go all out, put some Gorgonzola cheese and slices on raw onion on there for a real treat. As for buns, I recommend the honey flavored ones for a slightly different taste.

And that's pretty much it! It's super easy to make, it makes quite a bit and you'll always be coming back for more!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Just got done making these tonight. Great flavor but mine were so soft and kept falling apart. Is this common or did I do something wrong here? Maybe I needed to add more flour? I was a little light handed with it because I didn't want it to taste like flour. Any suggestions? I still have a ton of the mixture left so I will be making these again later in the week! :D

Paige said...

We add alot of flour, till it seems like it'll hold together better. Also cook them fairly thin. But we do have nights were they break in half. But they won't taste like flour until you add a ton!